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How old is your tree?

Dutch elm disease arrived in Kansas City in 1957 and wiped out the majority of the shade canopy within ten years. Most trees in our present-day landscape were planted after that time–but were any here before that? How can we tell?

The first of three planned posts focusing on aspects of our landscape in winter.

Rose is a rose is a rose is a rose

Last week I helped a friend move to her new apartment. The amount of stuff she’d accumulated after living in her house for twenty-one years was mind boggling. I kept thinking what things would be like if we moved. I hold onto things far too long, always have. I still have corsages from high school […]


In August when my garden is lanky, its colors fading, and some flowers have started to brown, all around I see Black-Eyed Susans powering up the blooms.  Our HOA did its best to eliminate everything but begonias and liriope from these entrance plantings. The sight of these big golden beauties feels like being smiled at.  […]